Workshops for Schools

SEND Workshops

Our workshops will help to guide you through the nature of a variety of neurodiversities including: dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, sensory processing difficulties, autism and many more. With rising numbers of SEND in schools and a need to provide the best possible outcomes for all children, let our workshop leaders and SEND experts give your teams insightful understandings and practical strategies for classroom use. Workshops can be tailored to individual needs of each school. Ongoing support and consultation is also available.

Workshop examples: 
  • What is dyslexia?
  • Dyslexia friendly practice- classroom and whole school
  • Technology support for students with dyslexia
  • Precision Teaching methods for laser-focused progress
Example consultation areas of focus:
  • SEND Policy
  • Identifying needs across the school
  • High quality teaching and lesson observations/feedback
  • Provision for SEND needs
  • Team skills and analysis/plans
  • Developing resources
  • Individual Plans / Provision Maps

Safeguarding & Child Protection

With Safeguarding being central to every school’s agenda, you can ensure that your teaching teams have current safeguarding issues at the forefront of their minds by participating in one of our safeguarding workshops for schools and organisations. Our training delivers content appropriate to the newest policies and changes to KCSIE to ensure your school has current and relevant knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to deal with  all safeguarding matters.

Digital Well Being

This is one of the most exciting times for the development of technologies and around the globe, people’s lives are being improved through a range of digital solutions.

However, with the exponential growth of the number of connected devices, there is now also a greater need to teach our future generations about the importance of being responsible Digital Citizens who are able to make the right choices, and that is why we should be focussing more on ensuring that our children are developing strategies to ensure their own Digital Wellbeing.

In order to achieve this there needs to be a solid partnership between schools and families which offers support and guidance on different strategies that can be implemented which will develop positive behaviours associated around the use of technology.

Our program explores the latest technological trends which impact on children lives and includes a deeper dive to develop strategies which can be used to enhance understanding of online safety, privacy and security, relationships, cyberbullying, digital footprints and self image. Support on parental involvement is developed through meetings and a guide on how to develop successful strategies at home.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

An introduction to mindfulness and practical mindful techniques that teachers can put into practice in the classroom to: manage stress; improve emotional regulation; resilience and communication. The session will be informative and experiential and attendees will also be given additional ideas for mindful activities they can take away and try out for themselves in their own classrooms. By the end of this workshop teachers should have a good understanding of what mindfulness is, understand how to develop and use ‘intrapersonal’ mindfulness to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and how to use this to generate ‘interpersonal’ mindfulness to cultivate empathy, leading to a more peaceful and collaborative learning environment.

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Elite Tutors’ Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.


Elite Tutors’ Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.