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Elite Tutors Sussex introduces you to high quality tutors that cover the full range of academic subjects.

We are proud to offer tutors for Primary (KS1 and KS2), and Entrance exams at 7+ and 11+, Specialist, (SEND and dyslexia) tutors, GCSE and A-level tutors.

All tutors have impeccable standards, go through a rigorous interview process and background checks, and are experts in their field.

All tutors are subject specialists

We believe that fully qualified teachers and degree level experts can provide the highest quality of tuition.

All tutors are all subject specialists, highly experience and up-to-date with the ever-changing curriculum and the current requirements of exam boards. Tutors cover a wide range of academic subjects across the primary and secondary sector.

Tutors support all exams boards and entrance exams for schools

Tutors can prepare young children and students for all public examinations, whether they require support with GCSE, IGCSEs, SATs, ISEB Pre-tests, Common Entrance or Scholarship exams. Tutors are familiar with all major UK examination boards and can help teach valuable exam strategies and techniques to achieve a calm and composed approach.

Lessons in the comfort of your own home

Tutors can come to your home or teach you online and schedule lessons at your convenience, whether weekdays, evenings, weekends or holidays. In our experience, this intensive additional support can make a huge difference to the progress of your child in only a few weeks.

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We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.