Single Tutor Kit

This single tutor kit is perfect if you are just starting out as a tutor by yourself. Two editable contracts for parents – one for ongoing lessons and one for term time only.
We’ve shaped these contracts over our years of working in the industry and have put the hard work in so that you can focus on what you love: teaching
1. Terms and Conditions for parents
2. Terms and Conditions for parents- term time only
* You should always get any documentation checked by your own legal team

Basic Tutor Kit

For smaller start-ups of maybe 1 to 3 tutors, this starter kit is an ideal way of having a baseline of policies and contracts that will allow you to get going and get your business off the ground. 8 documents including tutor and parent contracts; essential safeguarding and lone working policies which have all been designed specifically with your tutoring business in mind.
1. Agency Independent Contractor agreement
2. Terms and Conditions
3. Term time- terms and conditions
4. Safeguarding Policy
5. Tuition and Lone working policy
6. Disclosures and Concerns Policy
7. Equal opportunities Policy
8. COVID-19 Safety Policy
* You should always get any documentation checked by your own legal team

Complete Agency Kit

Our complete documentation kits are designed especially for start-up agencies or new tuition companies. 18 editable essential documents and contracts that allow you peace of mind, knowing we have done the hard work for you. This essential kit ensures you have the right contracts for tutors and parents and polices that are created specifically for tutoring, safeguarding, privacy and compliance.
1. Independent Contractor Agreement
2. Complaints policy
3. COVID-19 Safety Policy
4. Disclosures and Concerns Policy
5. Term Time Terms and Conditions
6. Terms and Conditions
7. Equal Opportunities Policy
8. New Employee Medical Questionnaire
9. New Tutor Background checklist
10. Privacy Policy
11. Professional Etiquette for Tutors
12. Reference request form
13. Safeguarding Policy
14. Safer recruitment Policy
15. Tuition and Lone working Policy
16. Whistleblowing Policy
17. Training checklist
18. Tutor Application form
* You should always get any documentation checked by your own legal team