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Science Tutors working with students at Secondary, GCSE and A-Level in the Sussex Area.

All science tutors who work with Elite Tutors Sussex are fully qualified teachers and passionate about their subjects. Science at secondary level can be fun as students put on goggles and lab coats to create experiments for the first time! However with lots of new subject specific vocabulary, science can be daunting for some students. Give your child the best start at secondary science with a specialised tutor.

Science at secondary level is a big leap from primary and can be a difficult subject to grasp. As well as a large amount of subject specific vocabulary to learn, science requires logical thinking, which may not suit more creative learners.

Private tuition with an elite science tutor will offer your child an opportunity to benefit from one-on-one tuition. This approach helps by breaking down each problematic topic, improving and layering understanding and vocabulary. Taking a direct approach with a trained tutor can assist in achieving better grades.

By GCSE students will have chosen to do combined or triple science - triple science paper being the most challenging. In our experience, students will need support with at least one of the three sciences - usually physics as there is so much maths involved.

Improve confidence in secondary science with private tuition

Confidence is key to learning. Moving from primary to secondary school can be daunting for students, especially when they are introduced to new subjects, equipment and vocabulary. A dedicated secondary science tutor ca help you child grasp the underlying basics and principles for the sciences in order to progress through the curriculum with confidence, and hopefully having fun along the way. By year 9 when students take their options, they will need to be prepared to choose whether to take combined or triple science at GCSE level

The tutors we connect you with have built up unique communication skills and the ability to identify the best way teach your child. They are all qualified teachers as well being highly trained tutors, and ensure they keep up to date with the latest syllabus and materials.

GCSE Science Tutors to help achieve higher grades

By GCSE students will need to choose whether they will take combined or triple science. There is a lot to cover at GCSE, some students may need help in one area more than others. Physics is the subject that often requires the most support as it requires applied mathematics. The tutors we connect you with are highly qualified and passionate about their subjects, and can give your child the best chance of achieving a higher grade, especially if continuing to study at A-level.

Double Science (also known as Combined Science) is where students study all three sciences. At the end of their study, they are awarded two GCSEs. Triple Science is where students study all three sciences. They end up with three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Science Tutors that can support your success at A-Level

By A-level students will be looking for niche support in the science disciplines they have chosen for advanced study. Each science subject – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – are taken as a separate A-level and will require a specialist tutor in each subject. The leap between GCSE and A-level can be significant and a private tutor can give your teenager the best opportunity to achieve a higher A-level grade. This is important especially if they are looking to study any of the sciences at university. The highly qualified tutors we can connect you with are fully trained and skilled in aiding a students understanding in the early stages of the course, providing support throughout and preparing for their final exams.

We can put you in touch with the best science tutors in the Sussex area. Get in touch with us today to secure your child’s science tutor.

Louise, Brighton

Karen has been very supportive in helping us home educate our 12 year old daughter, taking time to understand what we were looking for and selecting an appropriate tutor. The tutor Allison is excellent – organised, punctual, flexible – and is highly responsive to my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommended.

Louise, Brighton

Daniel Lucas, Hove
Director of Sales - We Made Me

Since working with Elite Tutors Sussex, we have noted a marked improvement in our daughter’s confidence with her spelling and reading. We trust their approach to support our daughter’s development. Our tutor has tailored a program to the specific needs of our daughter and often reports on the progress they’re making.

Victoria, Brighton

Superb home tutoring. Very thoughtful to the child’s needs and adapts the sessions as the child develops.

Victoria, Brighton

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