Private Tutors: Qualified Teachers and Expert Tutors

The tutors we work with at ETS, are highly experienced in working with children of all ages. They can provide academic support for the full range of subjects through both primary and secondary stages, as well as help prepare your child for GCSE’s, A-Levels, Entrance Exams and SEND support. All tutors are subject-specialists, professional, reliable, and up-to-date with the ever-changing curriculum and the current requirements of the UK school systems. In addition, tutors working with us know exactly how to adjust for home-educated children.

Tutors can provide 1:1 support or small group teaching and can create bespoke programs of education specifically designed for you. Whether you have short-term needs, or longer-term goals, expert tutors are here to create plans with you, as a family, that fit around your schedule and your child’s interests and needs.

All tutors are fully qualified teachers or tutors with expert knowledge in their field.

We believe that qualified teachers and tutors who are experts (have a degree) provide the highest quality of tuition. Tutors are all subject specialists, highly experienced, and up-to-date with the ever-changing curriculum, and the current requirements of exam boards. A wide range of academic subjects across the primary and secondary sectors are covered.

Enlisting a 1:1 tutor can have a profound impact

There are many reasons why you might choose to enlist the services of a tutor. Supporting your child with a one-to-one tutor is an ideal way to support or complement schooling. Many families employ a tutor’s services to ensure their child gets the very best outcomes whether they are in an independent school, a local state school, or home-schooled. Students can learn and understand concepts at their own pace and in their own way for the best possible progress.

Lessons in the comfort of your home

Tutors teach at your home or online and schedule lessons at your convenience, whether weekdays, evenings, weekends or holidays. In our experience, this intensive additional support can make a huge difference to the progress of your child in only a few weeks.
David Randal, Hove

Elite Tutors Sussex conducted a phonological screening assessment for our daughter (age 7) at our home and the follow up report and feedback has been helpful in identifying specific learning issues and signposting how we might go about addressing these.

Holly Hughes, Brighton

My son learnt quickly and easily online with Elite Tutors Sussex. We were impressed by the tutor who gave us feedback and had an encouraging style.

Helen Cameron, Brighton

Elite Tutors Sussex have massively helped my son in turning around a situation where he was really worried about his GSCE English exam, to one where he actually enjoyed it! Heartfelt thanks – this goes way beyond the exams and will be of value to him for life.

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Elite Tutors Sussex Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.


Elite Tutors’ Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.