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Mathematics is a subject matter that is often perceived as challenging.

This perception can lead to many students experiencing anxiety about their mathematical abilities and feeling a lack of confidence about applying their essential numerical skills to their studies and other areas of life.

Self-esteem is vital to being able to carry out mathematical tasks. Where students have faced difficulties in the topic, this can spiral to cause life-long anxiety and lack of confidence. Therefore, a qualified, experienced tutor is essential to rebuild that foundation and ensure children can progress their abilities.

Private tuition with an Elite tutor offers your child an opportunity to benefit from one-on-one tuition. Breaking down each problematic topic in a way that is easy to grasp and tailored to their preferred learning style with specialist teachers available to provide customised tuition.

Enhanced maths knowledge is of tangible benefit to children throughout their education and onward to establishing career opportunities. With numerology a critical skill in every aspect of budgeting, logistics and the working world, it is a topic that we believe is of primary importance to achieving a well-rounded education.

Maths Confidence Through Bespoke Tuition

The ‘maths wall’ is an unnecessary obstacle to educational excellence. Elite Tutors Sussex provides tutors who offer understandable, relatable and exceptional maths tutoring to ensure every student is fully equipped with a comprehensive awareness of numeracy that will enhance their aptitude for success.

When a student grasps this topic area, their achievements across the education spectrum are improved substantially – and when a child discovers the fun behind problem-solving and logical applications, they will have achieved a firm foundation of learning that they will always carry with them.

Primary and Secondary Maths

Tutoring is entirely bespoke to your child, which is especially important in their maths studies. Whether that is catching up with national curriculum benchmarks, revising topic areas where they lack conviction, or introducing new concepts for gifted students who find that school studies don’t stretch their knowledge far enough.

Our tutoring introduction service covers the full spectrum of the UK exam system, including primary maths, entrance exams, scholarship testing, GCSEs, A-levels, and all major exam boards. Fluency in mathematics is as critical as English to a child’s lifelong success. It is vital to engage with a skilled, experienced maths tutor to break down the barriers to finding pleasure in maths and helping your child succeed with confidence.

The maths curriculum is vast, so experienced tutors will apply a comprehensive understanding of this discipline, feeding into familiarity with technology, engineering, sciences, and finances.

Finding the Pathway to Maths Success

As a subject area, maths has a unique power to enhance a child’s perception of the world. Students who perform well in their maths studies benefit from a knowledge of logical problem solving, identifying patterns, and exploring new topics as their education proceeds.

One of the most significant challenges for many students is that a firm foundation is critical to succeeding in their maths examinations. If a primary topic hasn’t been clearly understood, children can feel lost and struggle to grasp more complex applications without the fundamentals.

A private tutor will engage with your child from their starting point, whether that is going back to the basic principles to reinforce their understanding or expanding on their studies to help them progress onto more involved maths learning.

Helen, Brighton

Karen was incredibly efficient and supportive matching my son with suitable tutors at very short notice. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her and her amazing group of tutors should I ever need any ‘top up’ tuition in the future. Would highly recommend.

Helen, Brighton

Abi, West Sussex

Thank goodness for Elite Tutors! We have been using them since September 2019, for a range of subjects, and the service has been brilliant: Karen has matched us with tutors that suit my kids’ needs and temperaments, and has helped me coordinate a complicated set of timetables, with flawless professionalism. Highly recommend.

Abi, West Sussex

Jane Cordell, Shoreham

We live overseas and spent some time looking for the right company to improve English for our daughter who is soon to go to school in the UK. We were very happy with the service and our daughter feels much more confident to go to the UK having hugely improved in her English.

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