A Holistic Approach to GCSE's

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Our GCSE exam experience is packaged with a minimum of 20 hours of dedicated tutoring, meticulously tailored to your young person’s needs. Furthermore, a familiarisation session with the exam centre is also included.

Collaborating in close partnership with our exam centre in Hove, and aligning seamlessly with the exam board, we are committed to orchestrating an environment that maximises the potential for your young person’s best possible results.

Accomplished tutors will adeptly teach subject content alongside crucial exam skills, fostering a comprehensive and well-rounded learning journey. We offer a holistic exam journey where students are supported throughout the entire process.

GCSE Entry

GCSE exams available for summer 2024

  • English Literature AQA
  • English Language (TBC)
  • Maths Edexcel
  • History Edexcel
  • Geography Eduqas
  • Biology (AQA)
  • Business Studies (AQA)


Subject specialist tutors will guide your young person through:

  • Subject Content
  • Exam technique
  • Essay writing
  • Structured responses

Lessons can take place in the comfort of your own home or online.

Access arrangements

We can accommodate:

  • Extra time
  • Small group room (limited spaces)

Pricing for families

  • Specialist tutors £60 per lesson
  • Qualified teachers £55 per lesson
  • Degree-Level tutors £45 per lesson
  • Exam entry £125
  • Mock exams £75
  • Appeals £150
  • Post-script £25

A supportive journey

Embark on your path to success by registering between September 4th and November 17th.

Our dedication comes without compromise, as lesson cancellations are not applicable to these packages.

Enhance your young person’s preparation through mock exams held conveniently at our exam centre: our partnered school (Hove Park School)

Prompt result notifications are delivered directly to your inbox on results day.  With Elite Tutors Sussex, your journey is guided by unwavering support and a commitment to changing futures. Your success story begins here.


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