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Entering your child for independent or grammar school needs careful consideration and planning.

Our consultations offer key information and a strategic process on how you can best support and prepare your child for entrance exams at 7+ or 11+.

Understanding the process

The competitive nature of entrance exams can feel highly pressurised, and you will want to know exactly what is required and how to help your child to get the best possible outcome. Our consultations will walk you through the process at 7+ and 11+ and how best to prepare your child on your own or with the help of a private entrance exams tutor.

Is your child ready?

ETS 7+ and 11+ assessments
Reading assessment
Our reading assessment offers testing in word-level reading and sentence-level comprehension. You will receive a standardized score and an age-related score and recommendations for reading and reading skills to improve on.
Spelling assessment
Again, this is a single-word spelling test and you will receive an age-related score and a standardized score and recommendations for reading and reading skills to improve on.
Writing assessment
Your child will be asked to write a creative piece and will be assessed using our entrance exam criteria and feedback to move towards the standards are provided in the report and during our post-assessment meeting.
Maths assessment
These quick arithmetic tests will let you know if your child is above average, average range, or below for arithmetic.
Reasoning and applying in maths assessment – this will be assessed using our entrance exam criteria and feedback is given on areas for improvement.
Working Memory
This will be assessed using the standard metric and you will receive a standardized score- working memory has a direct impact on retention and learning and helps to build a learner profile.
Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning assessment
Your child will be tested on a select few questions in both of these areas. We will assess their level using our entrance exam criteria and feedback to you in our report.
Report and Feedback
You will receive an Agency report that outlines the scores, the tests, and the assessor’s observations and feedback. There will be recommendations for future learning to move towards the standards required. This report will be explained in an online meeting, organized after the report is ready (usually within 2 weeks of the assessment).
The assessment process takes around 2 / 2.5  hours (breaks built-in).
The cost of this assessment, report, and feedback is £275.

Learning at home-being prepared is key

Your education consultant will go through the key admissions requirements of your preferred schools and you can learn how you can prepare your child at home. Elite Tutors Sussex has a wealth of local knowledge on schools as well as entrance exam processes, all of which will be passed on to you.


You’ll be provided with book reading lists, vocabulary lists, maths and spelling/ grammar expectations, and, guidance on further resources which you can use at home with your child regardless of whether you employ the services of an entrance exams tutor to support the process.


Consultation costs: £150

Kyriakos, Brighton

We have been using Elite Tutors over the summer and it has been a pleasure! Karen has been instrumental in firstly identifying our learning needs and matching us up with the right tutor. Haley the tutor has been a delight to work with!

Kyriakos, Brighton

Clare, Hove

Tean was an incredible tutor who was full of energy and made my son feel at ease throughout. She had an ability to bring out the best in him. She was excellent at explaining difficult concepts and I would not hesitate in recommending Tean and Elite Tutors.

Clare, Hove

Lorraine Troth, Hove

I needed to improve my English for my business and economics degree. I would highly recommend Elite Tutors Sussex who made sure I got exactly the right vocabulary for my studies.

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