As a fundamental subject that has a bearing on every topic studied throughout the education system, a firm grasp of English is imperative for your child to excel.

Elite Tutors Sussex provides a bespoke service, working with families to ensure they get the right tutor and working with schools to work towards the same goals to ensure that students are confident in all the complexities of our unique language. We also offer specialist tutors for learners with dyslexia to ensure that learning barriers are overcome, with tailored tuition to address every student’s specific needs.

From diverse roots originating from multiple historical influences, including Latin, Greek and French, our role is to decode this hybrid language to ensure every student can communicate, read and engage to an outstanding level.

Private English Tutoring Support

English is one of the most sought-after tuition topics, with parents recognising how this subject matter forms the foundation of high educational standards. Reading is a vital ability that is essential across all subject matters, and every tuition student benefits from enhanced understanding to assist their overall education.


Enlisting the help of a private tutor ensures that your child is taught accessibly, starting from their current level to enrich their learning with one-on-one, tailored tutoring covering the entirety of the English curriculum to equip them with this critical knowledge area.


Where students are striving to catch up with their studies and prepare for important exams, a tutor is an exceptional way to provide your child with the best possible chances to reach their aspirations and perform to the greatest of their abilities.


Any challenges in reading comprehension should also be addressed, as this may indicate an underlying difficulty. These can be met with specialist tuition to ensure your child has all the support they need to be able to read and engage in a compelling way.

Exam Board and Entrance Tuition

Elite Tutors Sussex provides tutors who are in sync with all national exam boards, from GCSEs and A-levels to further education and scholarships. Our teaching framework is grounded in the National Curriculum to ensure that every pupil can engage in verbal and written dialogue fluently and confidently.


Your tuition is bespoke to your child and the areas of English where they require the most assistance. That might be in learning our heritage, writing coherently and accurately, or understanding different reading styles to deliver context and clarity.


As well as being crucial for exams and learning, reading remains an important life skill. In today’s world, young people are met with an overload of media and fake news. Having the aptitude to process, analyse and synthesise information is of enormous benefit and equips our students with the abilities they need to make sound judgements.


We believe that the best tutoring is enjoyable, and so tutors adapt each lesson according to the methods and style that your child engages with best. Tutors introduce a full knowledge of each part of the English curriculum in a way that is memorable, understandable, and applicable to speech, reading and writing across every other subject.

Dedicated English Lessons for Life

Being able to communicate clearly is vital. From debating, presenting, speaking and writing, experienced tutors work to ensure your child understands the nuances and characteristics of English for every form of communication they might need to use.


Our focus is on enhancing academic ability but also sharing the joy of reading, writing, speech and literature to ensure your child has an elevated knowledge of English that they will carry with them for life. Focusing on this teaching in the comfort and convenience of your own home is an ideal way for children of every age to form a higher understanding.


Your tutor will discuss your objectives, any specific areas of English that your child requires extra support with and consult with you regularly to provide progress reports and evaluate the success of the tuition they are providing. An Elite English tutor offers superior value from GCSE and A-level exams to entrance boards, scholarship applications, to learning skills for life.

Lorraine Troth, Hove

I needed to improve my English for my business and economics degree. I would highly recommend Elite Tutors Sussex who made sure I got exactly the right vocabulary for my studies.

David Randal, Hove

Elite Tutors Sussex conducted a phonological screening assessment for our daughter (age 7) at our home and the follow up report and feedback has been helpful in identifying specific learning issues and signposting how we might go about addressing these.

We have had Lynne tutor us in Biology IGCSE, she has been absolutely superb. She knows the specification inside and out and uses different methods to keep us engaged. Nothing is too much trouble, she went over and above. She also knows lots of interesting stuff around the topic, I learnt so much, She would be great to have on your team in a quiz!

Jo, Hove

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Elite Tutors’ Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.


Elite Tutors’ Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.