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Every parent aspires for their child to excel and have the resources they need to progress and surpass expectations. Learners with dyslexia require an adapted, bespoke style of tuition adjusted specifically for their learning difference.

Using Elite Tutors Sussex to identify a specifically qualified professional tutor to deliver this learning support can make a profound difference, not only to a student’s capabilities and attainment but also to their confidence, self-esteem, understanding and appetite for continued education.

Experienced tutors use a wide range of techniques, from multi-sensory study to structured reading and spelling programmes to ensure that every child with dyslexia benefits from tailored support crafted individually around their needs, skills and learning requirements.

Dyslexia Tutoring Support

Dyslexia can cause a great deal of frustration, confusion and upset both for students and their families when the reason for challenges with particular subjects has not been identified. Dyslexia Action reports that around 16% of the population have dyslexia, and estimates suggest that 1 in every 10 people experiences these difficulties to some extent.

Some children with dyslexia struggle with attention and memory; others with processing written or spoken information, and some students will find organisation and sequencing challenging. Many learners will struggle with all of these tasks to some degree.

A Different Approach

This specific learning difference means that a professional approach is required, across the range of a child’s educational experience, supporting their self-esteem and thirst for progress as well as their learning, skills and knowledge.

For many families, classroom learning or group support does not offer the highly individualised assistance that a child with dyslexia needs to meet their full potential. Many educational establishments do not have the alternative resources necessary to structure a bespoke approach to enable students to thrive and succeed.

The most effective way to identify the particular areas in which a learner with dyslexia needs targeted support is through a 1:1 specialist dyslexia teacher. They can pinpoint micro-gaps in disciplines such as reading or literacy and adapt their teaching style specifically to each student to engage and enhance their life chances and future accomplishments.

The Dyslexic Child

Learners with dyslexia may recognise from around Year 2 that their learning experiences are different from their peers and may feel anger or resentment that seemingly simple tasks are more difficult for them. Without empathetic support, this can lead to damage to self-esteem and increased anxiety.

Around 75% of children who are not assessed as having dyslexia until Year 6 will have significant reading problems at secondary school. Therefore, an early approach is vital to adopt a strategy to ensure the student does not experience diminished opportunities.

Unique Gifts, Unique Challenges

Understanding dyslexia and how it changes a child’s learning – but is not a limiting difference – can be an empowering journey. Every student with a grasp of the condition and tailored help to adapt their education has better control of their learning and can feel encouraged to advocate for their needs in and out of school.

Each child with dyslexia will have unique strengths and gifts in their own areas. It is essential to highlight these advantages as well as provide different learning strategies to ensure they can absorb and learn through the curriculum.

Schools can find it difficult to provide comprehensive dyslexia support, and indeed much of schooling relies on writing, reading and testing that can be tough for children with dyslexia. However, a specialist tutor can help to make this journey easier.

Dyslexia Assessment

Deciding whether to have your child assessed for dyslexia is a personal choice and one that will likely be guided by your child and their needs. In some cases, the assessment process can be perceived as confining and creating limitations that will be attributed to dyslexia.

However, for most children and their families, having an assessment is a way to identify how to best support your child and ensure they understand that their learning differences are not a problem, but indeed a difference that they can receive support and help with.

Tackling Self-Esteem

Learners with dyslexia are often reassured when there is an acknowledged reason for finding educational factors more challenging. They can then take a proactive role in creating an action plan to bolster their faith in learning with techniques they find more accessible.

Appointing a specialist dyslexia tutor is a crucial way to support and encourage a child with dyslexia to further their knowledge and find joy and passion in learning – not just in academic studies but also in the world around them.

Self-esteem is crucial to a successful education. Students with dyslexia who receive one to one assistance, loving support from their families, and help with understanding their own difficulties and strengths as an individual have vastly improved aspirations, which will echo onwards as they progress through their education and into adulthood.

Online Dyslexia Specialist Lessons

Online lessons are quickly being seen as a comfortable and convenient way to learn. Online learning gives students better access to the best teachers, regardless of distance. Many of both our UK and overseas clients prefer this method of learning and many online learning platforms are available to teach students effectively and ensure progress is made.

We can screen your child for dyslexia using phonological profiling, spelling, reading and numeracy tests.

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Dyslexia Pre-Assessment

Make use of our free possible indicators of dyslexia assessment to help you identify whether your child may benefit from further assessment and support.


Elite Tutors Sussex Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.


Elite Tutors’ Guarantee

We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.