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Brighton and Hove is an excellent place to live for both young people and families. From its position between the Downs and the beach, Brighton really has something for everyone. This is also true for its schools.


Both Brighton and Hove both offer a wide variety of good schools. There are some great independent senior schools and some outstanding prep and primary choices. School choices combined with small city living is a real draw for families wanting to move out of London.

Due to Brighton and Hove being such a desired place to live, it also provides some excellent tutors who have a wide range of experiences in both the state and independent sector. At secondary level, maths tutors, English tutors and science tutors are most frequently requested.

Karen Ormerod

Brighton & Hove Area Education Consultant

Karen, Company Director and Founder, heads up the Brighton and Hove branch of Elite Tutors Sussex. Having worked in schools as a teacher and SENCO for 20+ years, Karen is well placed to understand the needs of students in Brighton and Hove. Her knowledge of schools in the area and of the entrance exam systems ensure that families with Elite Tutors Sussex benefit from her experience and local knowledge.

“It's a real honour to support families in a town that I love so much. Providing students with outstanding tutors in Brighton and Hove and knowing the progress, confidence and self-esteem developed in students is my entire reason for leading Elite Tutors Sussex. It's always an enormous joy when we hear such positive feedback from parents. I am both proud and honoured to be working with such talented tutors who share the same passion for teaching and learning.”

Our most popular tutoring services in the Brighton & Hove area:

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