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We know you want the absolute best for your child that’s why we go above and beyond to provide you with the best 1:1 private tutors. Fully qualified teachers and degree-level tutors, our tutors can provide support for primary, secondary, GCSE, A-level, entrance exams and dyslexia support.

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At Elite Tutors we recognise that every child’s learning needs and goals are unique. We take the time to carefully assess each student’s abilities and learning styles before matching them with the perfect tutor to meet their individual needs.

We pride ourselves on the superior quality of selected tutors, who are fully qualified teachers and degree level tutors. They are hand-picked for their teaching ability, academic excellence and capacity to inspire young minds. With their support and our guidance, your child will be able to build confidence and realise their full potential.

Why parents and students love our agency


All primary tutors are fully qualified teachers


All tutors are qualified to degree level in their subjects

Elite Tutors Sussex Ltd - Private Academic Education Tuition in & Around Brighton

All students are assessed by an academic expert


All tutorials are fully customised to suit specific needs


All tutors hold a DBS enhanced (safety) check

The benefits of one-to-one learning


With no distractions, progress is accelerated


Individual attention can ensure confidence grows


Children can comfortably ask questions


Tutors can focus on problematic areas


Gaps in learning can quickly be caught up


Teaching styles can be adapted for your child

What We Offer

Elite Tutors Sussex finds high-quality tutors for primary, secondary, GCSE and A-Level students in family homes and schools. We take time and care to match tutors with students and tutors create lessons specifically for your child. We can also connect you with brilliant tutors for entrance exams and preparation, as well as dyslexia support.

We also offer an education service to your family. If you need support for school meetings or any advice and guidance along your child’s educational journey, then we are there to advise and support you all the way.

We can also communicate with your child’s school and teachers to complement and connect with school learning- all included in the price of your lessons.

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Elite Tutors Sussex Ltd - Private Academic Education Tuition in & Around Brighton

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We take enormous care to ensure your child is matched with the right tutor but if you are not happy, then we will introduce you to a new tutor straight away.